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We have already seen how to print in Python in the previous post. Still there's more that you can do with print function.
Pass a string with * and integer value. You get it printed the times specified. For example,

>>>print ("Hi " * 3)
Hi Hi Hi

You see Hi is printed 3 times here. If you pass integer this way, the output will be its product. However, in Python 3 and above an integer value is also printed multiple times using this technique.

Printing variables in python is also easy. Just pass the variable name in print method.

>>>print (n)

You can write string along with variables using {} braces. Entire string should be followed by .format function which has variable names to write in place of {}. Values can also be used in .format function. Try this and you will get what I mean.

>>>n = 3
>>>print ("Python {}".format(n) )
Python 3

For a format with multiple parameters they are placed respective of the braces in string. A better option is to use index with {} like {0}, {1} and so. Then literals are taken from format parameters according to the index.

>>>a = 2
>>>b = 3
>>>print ("Python {3} is better than Python {2}".format(1,a,b) )
>>>print ("Without index {} {} {}".format(1,a,b))
Python 3 is better than Python 2
Without index 1 2 3

You might be thinking, "Okay. That's great. But what if I have to use braces {} in my sentence and use other braces {} for formatting?" Easy though. If you are not using format then {} are simply displayed If you are doing it together then double the braces to print them and its done!

>>>print (" {{ }} {}".format(1))
{ } 1

Please share if you find it helpful. If you find any errors in the code feel free to comment and let me know.


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