You know what frightens them most, a Girl with a Book. Here's some statistics:
  •  1 out of 100 girls reach class 12 in rural India.
  •  Globally 65 million girls are not in school.
  •  There are 33 million fewer girls than boys in schools.
Probably they're afraid of the facts:
  • Girls with 8 years of education are four times less likely to be married as children.
  • A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult.
Accept the fact that in India, educating the girl child is still not a priority. All a girl must know is how to cook and make babies, of course. I wonder what does this actually had to do with our education. Their minds are spoiled enough to think that an educated girl can't cook. If I can cook good that's not because I had an E grade in school. And if I am bad at kitchen my grades are not to be blamed. It has got nothing to do with my kitchen skills. If a man cooks, he's talented. And if a woman cooks, it's her job anyways. This is the scenario in my country. My country wants to be great with half of us being held back. How is it even possible?

They can't understand that my education doesn't stop me from being a caring mother, loving sister and an obedient daughter. Perhaps, it teaches me to be more loving and compassionate than ever. I personally know women, married and getting college education. Its their courage to fight for rights. People get screwed between lectures, homeworks and projects. It is a woman who balance the college and sasural, office and home. To all the people who says "Tumhe to roti bnana hai!" When you can only earn a roti, it is us who can earn a roti, cook a roti and serve it with love.

What held them back most is the fact that education will make us liberal. They fear our liberty. Because they know what we as WOMEN are capable of achieving. To combat the statistics, we must all stand together in educating the girl child. Every girl should be able to dream as big as every boy. It is dreams that are your wings. And don't you dare trim back those wings because they're taking up so much space in the room​. Let them break the roof!

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