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What is Python?

Python is general purpose programming language that focuses on code readability and maintainability. It is an interpreted high level language. One of the most popular in this era, this language is used by sites like YouTube and Trivago. 

Why Python?

Because Python is simple and easy to code. There are no semicolons! No semicolons and no braces. All you need is white spaces to define code. A 5 line code in C++ or JAVA can be written in just 2 lines in Python. (Imagine, it's that easy.) This simple syntax makes it easy to read and maintain. And then, it has got so many libraries to work on. Different for different purposes. Say, Pygame for gaming. Yeah... Python is used for game development. 

Where is Python used?

  • Gaming, I said already.
  • Data Analysis and Data science also uses Python.
  • Can be used for web programming.
  • You can also build desktop application and games.
  • Python in neural networks and AI.

How to start with Python?

You don't need to be already good at programming to learn Python. A little or no knowledge of coding is also fine. Because hey, you can start to learn coding with Python as your first language.

Books to refer

  • Think Python - Allen B. Downey
  • Introduction to Computer Science using Python - Charles Dierbach