Whenever I hear a story or watch a film, I feel pity for the villain. Imagine your mother loves someone else more than you. How would you feel about it? And when you fight for your right you are called villain.

No one seems happy with Thanos. Fine, he's a bad guy. Did you do anything to make him nice? His plan was not correct. But at least he has some solution for the world problems. And he is working on it. If you are unhappy why don't you get another solution and work on it rather than trying to kill him. Or else why don't you sit with him and explain him what's wrong in his way.

He has one solution for the world problems, to kill half the population. So that everyone gets equal share for all things. And he doesn't even discriminate in killing people. Everyone is treated like the other! I'm not saying we should really implement this. But there's really lot to learn from Thanos.
He is on a mission to save the world. And he's doing all what he can. He even sacrificed his only love (his daughter, Gamora) for the cause. None of us can do that ever! Can we? He is consistent and persevering.

Okay he's wrong. But do you think killing him is the solution? If yes, then killing half the population to maintain equilibrium in world is also a solution!
It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred. I wish Avengers sit down together and explain Thanos of everything. And then he use his power to reverse time. Gamora is back. His mental strength gets better. And all of them together make the world a better place, in peace.
I know this ain't happening though. Lol!

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