Ever looked at the food you eat and wondered where did it come from?  The plants, right. But what made plants bear the fruit? The photosynthesis process, it's the sun. But how did sun even existed? Now don't explain me the big bang. This sun exists because the other big ball of fire blasted once. Then who created that big ball?

I believe in Allah, the Creator. Creator of universe and all things beyond. I won't say God. Because Arabic of God is ilah. And this word can be made feminine like Goddess. It can also be made plural like Gods. It can even be used like Godfather and Godmother, which are creations of Allah.
The word Allah is not easy to be explained in English language.

The Arabic word Allah can not be made feminine or plural. It means oneness and uniqueness. But this oneness is still unique. For example, I have one mother. But, you also have one mother. This oneness of Allah goes beyond one. It is unique! It is singularity!
Allah does not resemble any creations in any shape or form. Allah has no image that can be replicated by the creations. He has no beginning and no end. He is omniscient. He exists without place.

Allah is He on whom all depends. From the air you breath to the stars that blinks. All are His creations. If you believe in Him or not, you still depend on Him. Everything depends on Him. And He depends on nothing.

He begets not! The act of giving birth is creation's process. Reproduction is producing someone like itself. Almighty creates all things and none of its creations are a part of Him. And they do not resemble Him in any form.

Nor is He begotten. Being born means the beginning of existence. If He was born, then there had been a time when He didn't exist. This contradicts the belief of Islam. And hence, Allah has no beginning and no end! His existence is supreme. He is the Almighty, All-knowing.
Wallahu ta ala a'lam.

To me personally, He is the power that holds universe. Who is God to you? Answer in comments.

(The words He, Him and His are used to refer to Allah out of respect. It does not imply gender. Because it is a human (creations) characteristics and Allah is the Creator, unique and one.)